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Gettacar online car buying platform expands to Washington DC area

Gettacar is excited to announce that it is expanding to the Washington DC Metropolitan Area effective July 1, 2020.

Gettacar, which was founded in 2018 is a direct-to-your-door, online platform that enables consumers to buy, finance, and trade used cars. Offering a seamless process that is empowering and puts the customer in control, gettacar has a wide inventory of cars that are delivered right to the customers’ door at terms that they choose.

Co-founders Yossi Levi and Jake Levin said the expansion confirms the dramatic change in how consumers are buying cars, particularly in the age of COVID-19, “Even before the pandemic we saw a huge demand from consumers looking for an easy and accessible way to get in the driver’s seat without spending hours at a dealership. Now that demand is growing even more as car buyers look to practice social distancing and take advantage of our contactless delivery. People feel even more uncomfortable going to a traditional dealership during the pandemic, so our experience makes a lot more sense because of how easy, fast, and safe it is.”

The opening of the Washington DC market comes 6 months after gettacar expanded from the Philadelphia Tri-state area into Baltimore. Said Levi, “Moving to DC has always been a goal of ours. It is a great city with a lot of commuters, who we think we can help by providing a better car buying experience.”

For the progressive, very busy, and on-the-go hard worker who values every dollar, gettacar is a convenient and personalized car buying experience. Because there is no storefront or salespeople, they are able to keep prices more affordable than a standard dealership. Gettacar also allows you to test drive upon delivery without committing to the car and gives customers a 7-day period to decide if they want to keep the car or they can return or exchange it for free.

Headquartered in Northeast Philadelphia, the company also has a 75,000 sq. ft industrial reconditioning center just minutes away from their offices. The facility processes thousands of cars a month ensuring that each is inspected, tuned up mechanically, and thoroughly detailed before hitting the gettacar website. The center has a temperature-controlled paint room that produces high-quality finishings and a 360-degree photo booth for flawless picture taking.

Yossi Levi began his career in the auto industry at the age of 14 by cleaning cars at Danis Auto Sales, his father’s used car lot located on Harbison Ave., Philadelphia. After graduating from college, within 4 years as president of Danis Auto, Levi helped it grow from $3M in sales to over $30M. In 2018, Levi partnered with Levin, former Head of Marketing at goPuff, to launch gettacar.

About gettacarGettacar is the easiest way to buy a car. You can purchase your car 100% online and don’t have to deal with going to the dealership. You just go to, choose your car, your terms, on your time, and we bring it right to your door for free. You can test drive it before committing and get 7 days to try it out to make sure it fits your lifestyle.
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