1 year ago

Items you should keep in your car in case of an emergency!

You never know when an emergency will happen so we want you to be prepared for any situation.

Spare Tire (in good condition) along with a Jack and Tire Iron. Without those two items you won’t be able to use the spare tire without calling for roadside assistance.

Inflator and Sealer (like fix-a-flat) This will help you seal and inflate your tire so you won’t have to use the above items.

Jumper Cables because dead batteries happen and this way all you need is a good samaritan to come along. Or you can be a good samaritan and save someone’s day who may not have them.

Tire Pressure Gauge Checking your tire pressure regularly can promote tire longevity, help improve handling and increase fuel economy.

Duct Tape yes seriously duct tape has saved me on some quick roadside fixes so i can limp my way to the shop.

Flashlight In case you breakdown at night

First Aid Kit boo boos happen! To buy this item click here.

Jug of Water in case you overheat or are waiting for a tow and get thirsty.

Flares or Reflective Triangle to warn other drivers that you are there especially in the dark so you don’t get hit. Link to buy this item on amazon

Seat belt Cutter and Window Breaker Keep this in your glove box or center console not in your trunk for obvious reasons. You never know when you will find yourself in a situation where you would need this. Link to purchase this item on amazon

Ice Scraper because of winter weather conditions

Blanket breaking down is one thing but add winter to the mix and it’s just brutal. Who knows how long it will take for help to arrive better to be safe and warm while you wait.

Hope this helps and safe travels from gettacar 🙂

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