1 year ago

Top 5 reasons people do not like going to a car dealership

If you’ve ever bought a car before, you’ve probably been to a car dealership. Depending on the type of car you are looking for or the dealership itself, you may have mixed feelings about the experience. For some people, going to a car dealership is exciting, but for others, it can be a dreaded experience. We conducted a survey and asked what the top 5 pain points of going to a dealership were. Have you experienced any of these?

1. Talking to a salesperson

Going to a car dealership can be intimidating. The minute you step inside, you may feel a variety of emotions from excitement, to being overwhelmed, to feeling uncomfortable. Based on our research, many people do not enjoy going to car dealerships because of their interaction with salespeople. Oftentimes, these interactions can be stressful and they can make customers feel pressured. The overarching reputation of a car salesperson is someone who is sleazy or trying to take advantage of a potential customer, and this reputation plays a role in why it is the #1 deterrent from going to a dealership.

2. Lack of trust around pricing and car information

There is a ton of information online about what cars should cost and what a fair price for any particular vehicle is. However, once at a dealership, the information online does not always match with the information given on the spot. At a dealership, the customer is at the mercy of the information given by the staff. This can impede on the transparency that many consumers expect from purchases made online.
3. It is time-consuming

The average consumer spends over 4 hours in a car dealership! Many times they may stay longer, or leave without even making a purchase. The buying process at a dealership is time-consuming and many car purchasers cannot afford to take time off work or away from their personal lives to spend at a dealership. The time-consuming nature of buying a car at a dealership can cause people to delay their purchase and ultimately dread going through it.

4. Negotiating a price

The expectation is that haggling will be required to get a fair price on a vehicle, and knowing that, dealerships may sell the same car at two different prices to two different people. This concept is unique to only a few industries, notably car dealerships, and causes an inconsistent buying experience. Many consumers feel it is unfair to sell the same vehicle at two different prices based on how effective someone is at haggling. This part of the process can cause anxiety and stress, particularly because it involves large amounts of money.

5. Lack of flexibility in the buying process

If you want to buy a car from a dealership, you must be present at the location. This can be inconvenient for people, especially based on where the dealership is located. Consumers may feel pressured to make a decision on the spot because they do not have time, or flexibility to return to the dealership at another time. As a result, they may make a purchase decision that does not suit them. Dealerships do not offer the same flexibility of “buy on your own time” as online options do, which is one reason why that part of the industry has grown so quickly.

So there you have it. If you haven’t experienced any of these pain points, that is great and your car buying experiences have most likely been enjoyable. If you have experienced one or more of these items, you may want to consider online options such as that alleviates these frustrations and the need to go to a dealership.

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